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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happily Ever After

Hi there!! First things first, I am so very sorry about my absence.  Wedding planning, my job, and working on this new house are taking up way to much of my time.  But in the midst of all this hectic crazy schedule, I have neglected one of my favorite hobbies, spending time with ya'll! So, I sincerely have missed ya'll and I vow to never stop blogging again!

Ya'll, this wedding stuff ain't for the faint of heart.  I can only describe the deep mental anguish, the hands covered in paper cuts, the awful headaches that come from long hours of mentally calculating numbers (number of people, number of tables, number of yards for each table cloth, number of hours needed to do hair).   I have gotten so in over my head in showers and thank you notes and invitations and reply cards that I feel that if I am asked to give one more opinion, my head will pop off and spin into loony land. All of this fuss and hub bub has clouded over the really important part of this wedding mess.  The bigger picture is that I am getting lucky in a big way.  I have the privilige of vowing to love and cherish my best friend.  That I will always have someone in my life to support me and share my dreams, my success, my laughter.  Someone that will help me bear the burden of failure, sorrow, and tough times.  He is my cowboy in shining armor, the goofiest, sweetest, hardest working salesman in all of planet cellular land. He makes me smile when all I wanna do is sit in the floor in the middle of a huge blue paint stain that I put right on the hardest to hide spot on our new carpet in our new home that we have owned all of 24 hours.   That is why I am so stressin' about this day because I want it to be the perfect reflection of my relationship with my bass fishin', football watchin' boot wearin' cowboy.  But you know what, it will be.  I don't think I'll notice if the table cloths are a shade off or the groomsmens tie are no where to be find after the recessional or if the buttercream is ivory instead of snow white. I am pretty positive that my mind will be on one thing and one thing only: my happily ever after spent hand in hand with my husband!  I'm so glad ya'll stopped by! See ya'll soon!

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