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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

Hi there, ya’ll.  I hope ya’ll are truly enjoying the first days of May.  Today’s post is dedicated to my home-away-from-home for the last four years, Tuscaloosa.  Seven days ago, I was perfecting the art of procrastination by putting off my book arts final paper and worrying about where all of my family and friends were going to eat lunch after graduation.   Then, just a half an hour later, my world was a radically different place where the worries of yesterday had been replaced by very real fears about life after the storm.  I have seen some things in the last week that have broken my heart, tested my faith, and taught me some hard lessons about the brevity of life.  However, once the initial heartbreak let up, it was replaced by something altogether better: hope and determination. I have seen a city pull together with an incredible strength.  The people of Tuscaloosa are a force to be reckoned with and as the wonderful Mayor Maddox said, “Our hearts are broken but our souls are stronger than ever.”  I know that statement to be true and I have seen that determination played out in a variety of ways across the state.  People are donating time, goods, and money to help those who have seen some very dark days.  But those dark days are behind us and we will not stop until Tuscaloosa and the other cities that were ravaged by the storm are living in brighter days.   Although I feel a strong sense of hope for the future, I am still having those moments where I am really struggling with why? I have had some moments where I begged my sweet Savior to help me understand.  I am coming to terms with the reality that I probably won’t totally understand why and I’m learning to accept that.  I am choosing to trust that Jesus knows much better than I do, plain and simple. 
Tonight, as I was watching one of my favorite shows, I was reminded of a song that I wanted to share with the people of Tuscaloosa and other hard hit cities around the South.  As Fleetwood Mac sang, “don’t stop thinking about tomorrow/ don’t stop because it’ll soon be here./it’ll be here better than before/ yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone!/don’t you look back!” So Tuscaloosa, don’t you stop thinking about tomorrow because it will soon be here and it will be better than before! Tuscaloosa, you are always on my mind and in my heart.  Thank ya’ll for stopping by and reading what I have to say! I love ya’ll! Night!

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